Whisky Tasting Events

Whisky Tastings

Contact WhiskyHead to schedule an event for your group (will travel to locations around the Milwaukee area). We have several members that are very knowledgeable and enjoy sharing that knowledge in casual and informative way. The requester is responsible for collecting money, providing the meeting location, and offering snacks or food for after the tasting. We will be responsible for procuring the whisky, supplying nosing (drinking) glasses, and running the actual event. Whisky tastings (scotch tastings) are a great way to compare spirits side by side and can be a lot of fun for both the novice and experienced drinker.

Whisky Tasting

WhiskyHead Meeting | May 2015


$25 to $100 per person. The number of attendees and types of whisky will affect the final event price. Typical tastings have between 6 and 12 attendees and a have cost of $50 per person. Whisky not consumed during the event will be raffled to those in attendance.

Whisky Tasting

Sample Scotch Tasting Theme "Comparing Low and High End Distillery Offerings"
(Glenfarclas 12yr & Glenfarclas 25 yr, Glendronach 12 yr & Glendronach 18yr Allardice, Ardbeg 10yr & Ardbeg Auriverdes)

What To Expect

  1. Depending on the night's theme, you will sample four to eight bottles of whisky. Each bottle will be selected for its educational experience in relation to the tasting group. We will work with your organizer to find the right mix for the night.
  2. Whisky will be served in a Glencairn glass, a nosing glass designed specifically to enhance the whisky tasting experience. This will improve your group's ability to optimally experience each whisky and appreciate everything it has to offer.
  3. The group will spend some time with each bottle and discuss its nose, body, palette, and finish.
  4. WhiskyHead representative(s) will promote a casual and fun tasting environment. Inebriation or snobbery will not be tolerated.